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Glasses and Contacts

At our practice, we cater to your every eyewear need! Serving adults and children, with eyewear styles ranging from sports to career, we are a full-service optical shop. From your initial eyewear examination, to your final eyewear fitting, we are here to serve you. We provide you and your family with total eye care. We carry a full array of designers and budget frame styles, and the latest technology lens materials to insure you get just want you want and need in eyewear.

Reflect Your Personality

Since glasses reflect personality, your frames should project an image-- smart, serious, hip, sporty, and of course fashionable! Our spectacles do more than just look good; they provide comfort and suit the wearer. We carry up-to-date styles made with state-of-the-art materials for the lenses and frames. We search for the latest styles for you. When properly fit and custom-designed, your eyeglasses can make you look, see, and feel better than ever. We pride ourselves on carrying superior eyeglasses made with the finest workmanship. You will be delighted with your results!